1316 Machine Shop

Coover 1316 is general purpose machine/workshop which has the following equipment:

Hand tools include screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, hammers, files, drill bits, cutting tools and all various tools found in the typical shop.
Power tools include hand drills, benchtop drill press, floor height drill press, vertical band saw, grinding wheels, Dremel tool, PCB reflow oven and CNC milling machine.

Access to 1316 is restricted to approved personal only. To become approved, a 1 hour hands-on safety training session is required which must be scheduled by contacting ETG.

It is important to understand that this training is for the purpose of helping to keep the user safe and not to make them an expert with tools. Success of a project using the machine shop is dependent on the users’ skills obtained in any of numerous sources, practice and experience. ETG staff will assist the shop users as needed to help them succeed.

The use of the CNC mill is restricted to those who have had additional extensive training. For the most part, use of the CNC mill is on a request and assist basis.

It is recommended for users that intend to use the machine shop to precede their effort with some use of a modelling tool such as Autocad, Inventor, Solidworks or Fusion360. Pre-planning for a project greatly enhances the possibility for success.

Shop material stock includes assorted wood, plastic, aluminum and steel. It is the form of sheets, plates, blocks, tubes, rods and treaded rods. There are various specialized materials such as 80-20 extrusions, knobs, joints, bolts, nuts and screws.

The shop stock is quite dynamic based mostly on recent project needs. Stock can be obtained from various sources for most any project need.

Below are some additional shop sources throughout campus. Each shop has their own training requirements. Shop use in Coover Hall is covered by student fees. Other shops have various fees determined by their departments.

  • 1301 Coover (hand tools)
  • 1331 Coover ETG (parts, parts ordering & project advice)
  • 1260 Hoover Boyd Lab (power tools & 3D printers)
  • 426 Design (laser cutters & 3D printer)
  • 1209 Sukup (waterjet cutting)
  • Student Innovation Center (TBD)