Parts that ETG does not have in stock can be ordered by ETG.  To streamline the ordering process please follow these recommendations:

  • Create a Bill of Material spreadsheet with following columns:
    • Quantity, Supplier Part Number, Description, Any other information that makes it clear what is needed
  • All parts requests need to be accompanied with identifying information about which senior design team or research group that is requesting the parts.
  • Parts requests from research groups also need to include the Worktag to be used for parts costs.
  • Grad students in research groups need to include the name of the professor in charge of the research.
  • Only select parts that in stock and in the quantities and packaging that is needed

Send orders request to etg@iastate.edu.

Below are recommended vendors(* denote ISU contracted suppliers):

Electronic parts:

  • *Digikey.com
  • *Newark.com
  • Sparkfun.com
  • Adafruit.com
  • Mouser.com
  • Jameco.com
  • MPJA.com
  • Parallax.com

PCB fabricators:

  • Oshpark.com
  • 4PCB.com Advanced Circuits
  • JLCPCB.com

Mechanical and electromechanical parts:

  • *Grainger.com
  • McMaster.com
  • Servocity.com
  • Andymark.com