Google Drive

Google Drive is a place where you store and share files for your own use, and share with others at ISU, or with collaborators anywhere in the world.

Like CyBox, Google Drive is a good solution for collaborative documents, small files, or archives of large files. It is not recommended for large data files that you are actively working with, as the transfer time up/down from the cloud service will be too long to be useful. Find a little more info here.

If you plan to use Google Drive for research data, we strongly encourage you to ask ETG for assistance setting up folders for lab which will persist independently of any individual user account.  This will protect your data in the event that a postdoc, grad student, or PI leaves, allowing the lab to retain access to the data.


  • no quota, 750GB limit per day upload
  • Ferpa certified
  • Integrates with office programs
  • No limits on file types
  • Easily Accessible from all over the world.