Print to printing stations in Coover Hall.

This guide assumes you have already installed Mobility Print on your personal device.

Each printer at the printing station has two print queues to allow both Mobility Print and Hold and Release printing from physical lab systems in Coover. QR Codes and URLs for each queue are posted at the printer stations in the building.

Once the print job has been submitted you need to scan the QR code or utilize the URL for the Mobility Print Queue for that printer. Once the code has been scanned you can authenticate using your ISU net-id and password.

Once authenticated you should see your print job waiting in the queue. The queue name is centered at the top of the page. Click the green release button in order to send the job to the printer.

If you see no jobs listed you may have selected the wrong QR code for the printer. If you select the printers button in the upper left hand corner:

You will see a listing of printers, among which are Coover’s printers:

The print server is listed next to each queue. If you used Mobility Print, the queues should have “papercut-mp” next to them. Clicking on a queue will show pending jobs you have waiting in that queue.